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Essential dressing etiquette, teach you how to integrate the golf sports circle

Anyone who knows golf must know that this is an elegant sport and a sport that pays great attention to etiquette, especially in terms of dress. You can only be considered this sport if you consciously abide by the dress code. Lovers of golf, because it is a very important part of golf culture, therefore, everyone who is new to golf should start with their dress etiquette. In this issue, let SWAN LOVE GOLF tell you what dress etiquette you need to know about golf.

First of all, everyone should know that as a noble sport that originated in Scotland, golfing requires people to wear jackets, shirts, and tie from the beginning, just to highlight the elegance of the sport. And with the continuous development of golf, people are no longer satisfied with the sense of ceremony and comfort in the era of black-and-white film, but have begun to pursue the dazzling fashion after color imaging technology.

When playing and participating in games, choose comfortable and neat golf sportswear, and both male and female players wear sports T-shirts with collars and casual trousers. There will be no players wearing round-necked undershirts, camisole (women), denim clothing, miniskirts, short shorts and other clothing to play. As for footwear, most of them wear special sneakers specially made for golf.

Only women’s clothing will be a little bit fashionable, but no one wears clothing that contrasts greatly with the surrounding environment. For example: overly revealing and damaging clothing. Men’s casual wear is the first choice, but they are not allowed to wear vests, shorts, slippers, etc. into the clubhouse. Regardless of men and women, entering the club in untidy and improper clothing will be regarded as a humiliation to the club and the sport.

However, such a stringent dress code was broken for the first time with a crew neck shirt worn by Tiger Woods in an international competition in 2003. This also made the Chinese realize for the first time: golf’s centuries-old dress code. It turns out that it cannot be changed. It was also after this incident that, except for a few conservatives, the domestic clubs relaxed their dress code requirements, leaving only the basic requirement of “appropriate”, but with specific elements, lengths, and colors. All are more relaxed.