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Do I have to wear golf shoes to play golf?

In fact, as long as you have passed the initial stage of golfing, or at least a few times a year, you still need a pair (or more) of golf shoes.

   But, do I have to wear golf shoes for golf? The answer is “NO”. You can also wear running shoes, tennis shoes, sports shoes, as long as it does not cause damage to the turf, any shoes are fine. In most courses, there is no hard and fast rule that you must wear golf shoes to leave, so if you are about to leave without wearing golf shoes, don’t worry.

Not mandatory but recommended

  Professional is professional. Golf shoes are designed for golf, and the most important function is to provide “stabilization”. A pair of qualified golf shoes can effectively prevent the feet from sliding during the swing. When we swing, we apply downward and sideward force to our feet, and golf shoes can play the role of “stabilizing” the feet. If you have a foot or both feet that are not stable enough when you swing, you can basically conclude that the ball will not be too good.

   patterned golf shoes

   Golf shoes have made great progress in the past few decades. You can still see the retro leather golf shoes with tassels and black and white.

At the same time, golf shoes have become more and more modern, and some are difficult to distinguish from other sports shoes, and even golf sandals have appeared. There are more styles of women’s golf shoes.

Therefore, there are still many choices of professional golf shoes, and there is always a match that suits you.

Post time: Dec-31-2020